Lane Shelton

Lane Shelton is the VP and Principal Consultant for Connection’s Microsoft Center of Excellence. He’s dedicated the last 23 years to helping clients build software investments that are strategic, successful and sustainable. When he’s not plumbing the depths of licensing arcana or creating gigantic-yet-somehow-appealing spreadsheets, Lane enjoys VR and old-school PC gaming.

Office for iPad

Let me start by saying this – Microsoft should have created Office for iPad when they released Office 2013. If you ever owned an iPad you probably said to yourself,…

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Is There Room in Your Stable for Windows 7 and 8?

Right now, the vast majority of the customers I talk to have chosen to migrate to Windows 7. They are doing this for a lot of good reasons, and I…

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Microsoft’s Star-Studded Lineup

When most people – myself included – hear “Microsoft cloud,” they associate that phrase with Office 365. It’s their flagship cloud offering, and it’s getting a great deal of attention…

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Find Your Device Happy Place

Lately, we’ve been talking frequently with customers about new devices. Some of it is driven by Windows XP replacement discussions and some of it by the sheer number of new…

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Microsoft Licensing Optimization Concierge Services: How Can We Help You?

All Microsoft investments require constant care and feeding, ensuring ongoing cost-efficiency and relevance to the evolving needs of today’s computing environments. Our software gurus got together, interviewed many customers in…

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