Lane Shelton

Lane Shelton is the VP and Principal Consultant for Connection’s Microsoft Center of Excellence. He’s dedicated the last 23 years to helping clients build software investments that are strategic, successful and sustainable. When he’s not plumbing the depths of licensing arcana or creating gigantic-yet-somehow-appealing spreadsheets, Lane enjoys VR and old-school PC gaming.
Data Center

Time to Move On: Windows 2003 EOS

By now everyone should know that Windows Server 2003 is reaching the end of support later this year. Just like the end of Windows XP, the 2003 end of support…

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Microsoft’s Power BI Sealed with a KISS

There is no shortage of data these days and making sense of it all may just be within reach. Microsoft has tried to Keep It Super Simple – no one…

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IT All Adds Up

It’s true; Office 365 represents a seismic shift in how Microsoft delivers the productivity stack. What’s more, it brings huge changes in how we consume that stack. This new equation…

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Thanks Microsoft: Cyborg Licensing User-Based Windows OS Is Here

Microsoft has embraced “by device” selling for their Windows desktop operating system since what feels like the beginning of time. But change has compounded over the past several years and…

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Office 365: It Takes a Plumber

Office 365 is new territory for Microsoft. It’s a transformational move at the center of their productivity stack. Tried and true products like Office, Project, and Visio are being transformed…

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