Lane Shelton

Lane Shelton is the VP and Principal Consultant for Connection’s Microsoft Center of Excellence. He’s dedicated the last 23 years to helping clients build software investments that are strategic, successful and sustainable. When he’s not plumbing the depths of licensing arcana or creating gigantic-yet-somehow-appealing spreadsheets, Lane enjoys VR and old-school PC gaming.

Behold! The Start Button!

In this series, we’re presenting a first look at Windows 8.1. Today, we’ll be talking about the famous Start button. One of the major barriers to 8 adoption in the…

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Windows 8.1 First Impressions

There’s been something missing from the Windows 8 platform that gives a large number of our business customers pause, and we understand the concerns. Windows 8 was a radical departure…

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Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrollment Licensing

Microsoft has announced a new licensing program called the Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE), which will launch in November 2013. As you may expect, there are many things to consider:…

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